About TakomaTime

TakomaTime Today

TakomaTime has been on hiatus since 2011 when events in the coordinator’s lives and the software that the timebank depends on proved to be inadequate. We are now re-upping the whole thing and trying again. We have the hours that previous members had banked when we went on hiatus. If you were a member in 2011, please contact us and we will add them to your account.

In the Beginning

TakomaTime was founded 2007 as CurtainTime to support the work of the Takoma Theatre Conservancy in its efforts to preserve the Takoma Theatre.

For the first two years, TakomaTime limped along gradually gaining 25 members, then 40, and then  “almost” 50. Things were pretty slow until the spring of 2009 with one lonely founder, Sharon Villines. In response to a call for help, several hardy souls came forward, gathered over pizza at Roscoes, and got organized. They formed the Kitchen Cabinet. Tasks were defined and assigned. Designing a flyer, contacting newspapers, and posting emails. Organizing the first potluck.

By the summer of 2010, there were 267 members. For various personal and technical reasons, we had to declare a hiatus. In Januaryof 2018, we had people back on their feet and new technical support in the form of Community Weaver 3 software hosted by TimeBanks USA.We are busy rebuilding the membership. Please join us.