What is a timebank?

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A timebank is a membership organization designed for exchanging services on an hour per hour basis. Each member has an account in which the hours they have received are banked. These hours can be exchanged for other services. For example:

  • Mary teaches yoga to Alice. Alice gives Mary one hour.
  • Mary then requests weeding for her tulip bed. Harry offers to do 2 hours. Mary pays Harry 2 hours.
  • Edna also wants weeding and exchanges 2 hours of weeding by Harry for 2 hours of time.
  • Harry now has 4 hours and requests childcare so he can go play golf.

It’s very simple. Time banking enriches relationships and builds community as members exchange services and become friends. It’s a way for neighbors to help neighbors that extends the sharing beyond immediate neighbors. Any member of the time bank can become a neighbor.

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